Welcome to Authors Talent Open Writing Contest

The Authors Talent™ Writing Contest is designed to promote all Hero, Heroes, Heroine, and Heroines and their writing skills in an effort to fulfill their dreams in the publishing world.

ATWC™ selects a maximum of Twelve Authors entries per contest Genre. At the end of the contest the Grand Prize winner will receive a certificate to use in their promotion marketing advertising. Other prizes maybe awarded by our sponsors. ATWC will announce and introduce the winning authors to the world.

Writers above the age of 18 years old may enter the contest. Writers under the age of 18 years old MAY receive special permission to enter the contest by using the Contact Us Form. You know legal issue and such.

If you would like to enter our contests, please select the sign In option and register as an Author. Complete our on-line application form to start the contest process. You will receive an email that contains your private login information and instructions on how to proceed. All submissions will be via the website in the author’s private work space. You must accept all requirements and complete all required information to enter the contest.

Note: Author private contact information is hidden from public view. Only Book content will be visible to all for viewing.

The Authors Talent™ Open Writing Contest goal is to promote market and advertise authors and writers to Literary Agents and Publishers. Literary Agents and Publishers expect authors to find them and miss many great opportunities when sitting behind their own writers. Authors have their own share of problems getting the attention of Literary Agents and Publishers. Authors and writers have no way to prove to Literary Agents and publishers that people like what they write.

ATWC aiming to collect votes to show which of our contestants are the most popular. We want to remove some of the confusion.