Instructions for Judges


Judge is a paid position at ATOWC.

At the end of the contest AT will pay $5.00 USD via PayPal to each AT Judge per Genre Per Registered author for their performance.

[Note: Requirement Judges must judge each entry in their Genre.

Judges may NOT enter the specific Genre they are judging.

Judges MAY register for more than one Genre per contest period.

Judges score will be post May 10,2021

Thank you for volunteering to judge the Authors Talent Open Writing Contest for this year’s Genre book Awards. You are contributing to history because The Genre book Awards are unique.

You are one of more than 100 judges. Most judges are evaluating more than a single Genre. That means each of the 20+ Genres of books will have several judges. In an award contest, the more judges, the more thorough and objective the judging.

Judges represent a wide range of Genre experts but have one thing in common: each loves the Genre they are judging.  Judges range from book bloggers, reviewers, librarians, book club, Avid readers, as well as industry professionals and subject matter experts in the Genre they prefer.

Most authors and publishers fill in the online books content—and that is NOT a problem. Reviewers read a lot, and often while on the move. They want to read on their iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, or other electronic eReader. So, there is a greater chance a judge will select a Genre for review as the contest is available online. And chances are they will read the content faster and grade each participant sooner.

The Genre book Awards has an advantage over other book / ebook awards project.

Each Judge must judge a maximum of 12 Authors.  Judges fill in an online contest form for each author in their Genre.  Judges read up to 18,000 words per entry in their Genre.  Judges have a choice between Cell Phone, Tablet or Computer to display the selected Genre, Select Authors and complete the Judges Form online  And, AT does not have to email eBooks or ship hundreds heavy paper books to the numerous judges.  Each Judge will use a password protected page for the judges online judging form.

Judging Timeline

Judges may fill in the judges form any time after Author enters the contest.

Judges Totals may be edited at any time before deadline

–Contest deadline:  April 15, 2021 (midnight Pacific Time).

–Judges Form must be completed before the closing date for evaluations: May 1, 2021.

Failure for Judge to complete all content Genre entries forms may result in disqualification and non-payment.  Please complete the forms.

–Judge results will be displayed:  May 10, 2021

Judges are paid May 15, 2021.

If you know anyone who wants to be a judge, ask him or her to see  Register as a Judge.

Visit Contest Genre to see all of the available Genres.

For Genres Register as a Judge and select your favorite Genre to judge

For questions Write with any questions you may have.