Call for Judges

Mission. To honor each contest entered with the best judges for each Genre. We take judging seriously and our judges take their responsibilities seriously.

Objectivity. We are striving to make the judging as objective as possible.

We appoint judges who are experts in their Genre; judges who love the genre. Author Entries are being evaluated both subjectively by experts and objectively with a judge scoring sheet we provide. The score sheet makes judging easier and, when combined with the subjective evaluation, makes their choices fairer.

Quantity. We are appointing as many judges as possible for each Genre.

Evaluations are fairer when judging is balanced by the work of more than a couple of judges. Many other award programs employ very few judges.

See the Genres at:

Quality. Judges who care about a book’s Genre.

We have judges who will read each online Author Entry. Most judges for other award programs are swayed mostly by the presentation: covers, content, and promotional info. If we select judges who love their category, they will be fascinated and eager to read and evaluate the texts.

Additionally, we try to benefit from a variety of backgrounds. Each Genre should have at least one category blogger, category publisher, category reader, category industry professional, and so on.

Note the emphasis on the word “Genre.” We want people with a background in that Genre for Judging our Author Entries.

Many other book award programs employ judges who like books but only a few are experts in the additional Genres they judge.

To be selected for the genre awards, an Author must

  • Be currently available from a website.
  • Supply the online sales link during registration.
  • We accept authors with a book for sale before the contest ending date.
  • Not with titles for sale “tomorrow” or on a future date.
  • Enter a future contest when you title is for sale.
  • Have Front cover art
  • Have back-cover Art
  • Have back cover or sales text.