How Do I Cast My Votes?

Click the “Register” button at the left on the main Home Page or at the top of other pages. We must insist everyone register to make the contests as fair as possible for the authors. You are welcome to register and vote as any of the publishing positions.

  • Click the “ENTER” button for the Voter or Publishing Position you would like. That will display a Confirmation page and click “CHECK OUT” there to proceed.
  • It will then ask you for your name and other information to set up an account. Click the “SUBMIT” button at the foot to send your information.
  • It will then display another confirmation panel. Click the “PLACE ORDER” button to finalize things and you will receive an invoice message confirming things with your Login Name and Account number.

The “Avid Reader” option is the fastest and easiest and skips the first panel.

After you get your confirmation message, you can log in on the home page and it will let you use the “Post Your Vote” options.

Who or What is an Authors Talent?

All who enter the contest are considered Heroes or Heroines. From the Author to the Participating voters each of you will be a hero.

ATC considers Heroes and Heroines to be Writers (Amateur, and Professional), Editors, Graphic Artist/Designers, Contest Judges, Literary Agents, Publishers, Writing Coaches, Publicists, Book Reviewers, Bloggers / Advertisers, Journalists, Producer (Book Trailers), Actors / Narrator, Film Producers / Directors, Language Translators, Screen writers, Scenarists, Script writers, Book Printers, Retail Book Stores, Book Wholesalers and all others that support the world of publishing. ATC expecially honors those who read…

Participate and become one of our many talented heroes who help the publishing industry identify awesome book titles.

We consider you a hero but actually is your choice to choose your Authors Talent.

Can I resubmit manuscript from the last contest?


Provided the manuscript was not selected for a publishing contract, you can choose to resubmit it for the next contest. The judges and public have long memories, however, and are probably not likely to vote and advance the same manuscript that they passed on last time.

Your best bet is likely to completely rewrite your manuscript specifically for the new contest. Your team (Edit and Graphic) can remain together or new team members may be selected to work on the updated manuscript. Changing title, characters names, cover, and environment may bring to life a very positive and worthwhile manuscript.

Just keep writing. You know you can do it.

Will I be able to see the judges’ comments on my entry?


The judges’ discussion for the Top 32 entries will be posted online, and fans will be able to consider that feedback in their own voting decisions in later rounds. We are sorry we cannot provide detailed feedback for all of the entries submitted to the contest, but the sheer volume of submissions makes this impossible.

For each Round the judges shall post their comments Friday Morning before the voting begins Friday noon.

After the Top 32 have been announced, non-advancing contestants are free to discuss their manuscript in the Authors Talent discussion forum for feedback from their peers. Be careful as you may want to enter your manuscript in the next contest.

Can we refer to the entry material of other contestants?


This is not an election. Keep any and all constructive criticism comments positive.

Any Negative Comments or putdowns about other entries may lead to disqualification.

And while we’re at it, if your team refer to an entry that is not your entry in a negative fashion may be grounds for disqualified.

Reference the Authors Talent contest rules. Remember disqualification from the contest requires forfeiture of contest rewords from Authors Talent Contest. PLEASE read the Author Agreement for details.

Can I use the character(s) from my currently published works?


As a published author you may bring your currently established set of characters from your previously published work to the contest.

The work must be a new manuscript that has never been printed, distributed in any form and you own the copyright to the character(s).

I am a currently published author, may I enter this contest.


All currently published authors are welcome to submit new novels or literary works that are not under contract yet.

If you are a Self Published author, enter your new manuscript.

If you are under contract with an existing publisher please check with your representative to make sure there will be no conflicts.

Please, no conflict of interest submissions.

I am a member of the Author’s team. May I vote for my team?


Authors, Editors, and Graphic team members may vote for themselves and any other teams if you wish.


How many votes do I get?

Voting depends on the specific round you are voting in. There are no limits on the number of votes. Voters can vote for every author in every contest if they wish. Judges are given maximum point values they can assign.

Author elimination depends on how many are included in a “Contest Genre/Topic”. In the early rounds, votes are cast to move favorite authors forward to the next round. The half with the most votes will move forward to another round until there are only three authors left. That round will decide the winner.

Can I talk about my book on the Authors Talent forums?


You want to gain as much publicity for your entry as possible. Votes count and you want as many as you can get to help pass you on to the next round.

May I post answers to the Judges?


The Judges are providing you with constrictive criticism.

Please do not try to explain yourself.

Follow their guidance. Edit the content and move on.

I am a self published author. Do I have to turn over my titles to the new publisher when I win the contest?

It depends on the contract you sign with your new publisher. It may be a good thing if the publisher wants your existing titles.

Questions about the contests.

Please use the Contact Us form to submit your questions. We will respond ASAP.