Attention Judges

Thank you for volunteering to judge the ebooks nominated for this year’s  Global Ebook Awards. You are contributing to history because The Global Ebook Awards are unique.

You are one of more than 100 judges. Most judges are evaluating more than a single category of ebooks. That means each of the 75+ categories of books will have several judges. In an award contest, the more judges, the more thorough and objective the judging.

Judges represent a wide range of category experts but have one thing in common: each loves the category they are judging. Judges range from book bloggers to reviewers, librarians, book club, and reading circle members, as well as professional critics and subject matter experts in the category they prefer.

Most authors and publishers send ebooks to reviewers in PDF format—and that is the problem. Reviewers read a lot, and often while on the move. They want to read on their iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, or other electronic eReader. So, there is a greater chance a judge will select a book for review if it is available in the format they like. And chances are they will read the ebook sooner.

The Global Ebook Awards has an advantage over awards for printed books. Judges retrieve the ebooks they want to read from, etc. Judges have a choice between PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Sony, Nook, etc. so they can read on their favorite device. And, the Global Ebook Awards headquarters does not have to ship hundreds heavy paper books to the numerous judges.  If the ebook is not available at, it will be found on the password protected page for the judges in the format that was provided for the contest.