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A terrorist team has just set off four explosive devices in an international airport close to New York City. The leader of the terrorists, Ahmad Khalin, survives the attack and plans to attack a second U.S. airport within the month. As Khalin makes his escape from the New York area he is involved in a shooting in Connecticut. Clint Smith, a U.S. government agent assigned to an ultra-secret agency, is at a restaurant across the street when the shooting occurs. He responds to the scene to see if he can help, but Khalin is gone. On a hunch, Teresa Deer, Smith’s boss, sends Smith after Khalin. Smith’s pursuit takes him to Bar Harbor, Maine; Wiesbaden, Germany; the Costa Brava, Spain; Northern Scotland; Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada; and finally into Saskatchewan, Canada, where the final confrontation takes place. Throughout the pursuit, a number of interesting characters add to the

Cocaine was the drug of choice in America during the 1980s and 1990s. The Colombian Drug Cartels controlled drug trafficking with ruthless violence. The cartels were well organized, corrupted entire governments and had so much money, the Mob was jealous. The United States declared war on drugs. New York City was at the heart of the war. The FBI and New York City Police Department joined forces. Work the streets with FBI Agent Bob Douglas and his partner Detective Mark Zucarelli as they stumble into a drug money laundering investigation and find that they don’t know who they can trust. Was there more to the drug war than met the eye. Based on the author’s years as an FBI Agent assigned to the FBI-NYPD Drug Task Force, this book tells the story from someone who was in the middle of the war on drugs. Hard hitting, raw and realistic, Bad

Just when Special Agent O’Donnell thought he had put the past behind him he receives a call from his mentor. In this second novel of the Child Finder Trilogy, the TOP SECRET child rescue program O’Donnell had been a part of has been revised, revamped, resurrected! The government needs his psychic skills more than ever. An evil, menacing child killer is on the loose and no one but Pat can stop him! But O’Donnell soon discovers this new nemesis is more than he bargained for. Nothing can prepare him for the psychotic genius he must fight. Will he be able defeat this new enemy and prevent further death? Will he save his own family which has come sharply in the killer’s crosshairs? Coming soon will be the final novel of the Child Finder Trilogy, Child Finder: Revelation. Agent O’Donnell will go on arguably his most dangerous mission ever, and in