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My Angel My Hero

This book is a family memoir. It's about my mom and dad. Who lived during the depression and WWII. And about my family. It's about faith, hope and love. The greatest of these being love.

Lifeline - The Case for Effective Cancer Immunotherapy

The book “Lifeline” provides a detailed review of a cancer case history, the failures of conventional cancer treatment that results in the death of close to 10 million “effectively treated” patients globally every year, and the research and development of various types of cancer immunotherapy, which is the only hope we have to provide a cure for the disease.

D.U.W.K.S. To Water

The G.M.C. 6x6 Two and a Half Ton D.U.K.W. 1942 D=1942 U=utility K=Front wheeled drive W= Two rear drive axles From the world war two bloody beaches of Anzio, D-Day and countless Pacific amphibious DUKW campaigns, the revolutionary military vehicle, the GMC 6x6 two and a half ton DUKW became a legend forged in fire and war. Once the guns fell silent, the engines of the DUKW did not, as they found new waters, in a new role in a career that would bring them right to our doorsteps. Unpublished archives now relate a fascinating story of courage and heroism on the coastline of Northern England, as the six wheeled amphibian, together with its crews of weather hardened Lifeguards, saved the lives of over 600 men, women and children over four decades. If that was not enough, the D.U.K.W. became a favourite with the public at large. SHE IS STILL

The Resilient Warrior

It has been said that the only warriors who do not suffer after being in combat are those who were killed. I cannot attest to that for all battle-tested warriors, but I certainly can for one—me.


Hildegard! is the recounting of over twenty years experiencing Hildegard von Bingen and her multi-gifted works in music, medicine, art, poetry, theology, and spirituality. St. Hildegard (so named on 10 May 2012!) was an incredibly gifted 12th Century German Benedictine Abbess whose works speak loudly and wonderfully to us today. Her music alone is enough to place her in history, and her work in other areas is equally amazing. She will become a ‘Doctor of the Church’ in Rome in October 2012. Numerous contemporary writers place her in the rather restrictive category of ‘feminist’. One of the purposes of this book is to allow her to live for us today without that narrow attribution, and to experience her as a human being who lived life in the love of God and who served as a prophetess and teacher and healer and singer and writer in response to her understanding of

A Prayer Warriors Journey

Mathias was born on a cold wintry day in a large midwestern city with a back drop of a large river. Birth was hard on mother and child, due to Mathias having a hernia and other issues. Docie Mathias’s mother loved him nurtured him through the illnesses. Mathias as a toddler played alone most of the time while his siblings gathered together making up games to keep them occupied. Docie surely had her hands full raising seven children alone. Docie struggled to keep them fed and clothed on what little she was able to provide through inadequate work. As Mathias grew his mother and sister Bethany had to keep watch on him for he would want to wander out the door to go by go as he put it. A wandering child from the beginning started his life of journeys later to be a prayer warrior. Join Mathias on his

Four Generations: The Death of an American Family; The Beginning

The Hinshaw Family was an important family in England and had many famous members on both sides of the civil wars of the time under the Scottish rulers who wished to bring the three countries of England, Ireland and Scotland under one united banner. This idea in itself was not so bad. In fact the first of the kings, King James VI of Scotland was a good king. His son, Charles I, was not a good king and eventually lost his head to the treachery. William Henshaw married Katherine Houghton and produced two sons, Joshua and Daniel. Shortly before Daniel’s birth the civil war came to Liverpool. The siege lasted only a short time but the boy’s father and grandfather lay dead when it ended. Shortly after the plague came to Liverpool and claimed their mother. A steward from the Stanley Family was appointed.

Fields of Spring

Fields of Spring provides Major League Baseball fans with over 170 color photographs of Spring Training stadiums, complexes and action in both Florida or Arizona where the 30 MLB teams train. Tips are provided on catching free baseballs, getting autographs, seeing exhibition games inside the stadiums, and even customizing and displaying the memorabilia obtained during spring training visits. Stadium addresses and telephone numbers are provided as well as numerous useful websites. This is a must-have book for anyone who wonders what Spring Training is all about or wants to get the most out of their visits.


In "ANOTHER TRUE TEXAN SURVIVOR" Ron Adair has written from his heart about the many situations, hurts, opportunities, challenges, developments, Worry, FEARS, and "Blessings". These come our way, and how we react, will determine the outcome. A.N.D.E. is one chapter ( # 38 ) on Another Near Death Experience, with tales of true situations that did happen. Hit by falling tire from the Ho. TX; held up at gun Henderson, TX

Credit Analysis

Describes current approach to credit analysis for Rating Agencies, Regulators, Banks and Derivative Risk Managers. Book based on my experience as Chairman of the Rating Committee at JPMorgan for five years and as primary internal and external instructor for Standard and Poor’s credit analysts and clients.

I have a Ph.D. – Now where is my job?

It is 2008. I'm in the process of completing my Ph.D. thesis in Australia. The excitement of wrapping up this important chapter of my life is palpable but somehow eclipsed by this equally important process that I am about to embark on: finding work. Almost equipped with the highest educational degree there is, I am convinced that I will find work in a heartbeat. But things will not turn out the way I had thought they would... In this book, let me take you through my own personal journey of navigating the transition from postgraduate life to the "real world" of the workforce. Punctuated with action items and recommended readings, I will share some of the ups and downs that many postgraduates will likely experience during this process, bringing an unadulterated and humoristic perspective to it all. From completing a thesis while looking for work, all the way.

Go Back Jack

“Go Back Jack” is a true story about a young woman’s search for her previous life as a black American blues musician who "rode the rods", lived in the Deep South during the Great Depression and early years of World War Two and died tragically before realizing his musical dreams. After a series of psychic illuminations, in 1972, the author travels to the U.S.A. seeking evidence of this past life, only to encounter the same temptations and circumstances that led to her tragic death in that previous lifetime. In a struggle at a soul level, caught between good and evil, she finally realizes that only by facing and overcoming her karma, that has followed her from beyond the grave, will she be able to move on with her own life. Will she be able to resist the temptations that led to her premature death in that previous lifetime or suffer

The Mystery of Sarah Slater

Hired by the Confederate government in Richmond when it was already in its death throes, Sarah Slater was the perfect agent for a courier between Richmond and the Confederate outpost in Montreal, Canada. Beautiful of face, curvaceous in form, spunky, flirtatious, and fluent in French she was the ideal candidate for a role that saw women often better suited for courier. Male agents faced hanging, women far less punishment. An additional benefit of her French fluency, she could claim protection as a Canadian citizen during casual interrogation. On her third and final trip to Canada in April of 1865 as Richmond lay in ashes, Sarah disappeared in New York. The messages for the Montreal office and the Confederate gold she was supposedly carrying also vanished. That mystery has fascinated historians for over 150 years. The Mystery of Sarah Slater…solved?