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Alice Shapiro’s poems in “Cracked” explore the complex relationships we have as humans to one another, and to the world. With strong images and gripping words, the poems in this book compel us to look at the ordinary and the extraordinary in our own lives. The eloquent use of metaphor in each poem leaves the reader wanting more, turning the page, to find wonderful creativity and surprises in language. The poetry in this collection, does indeed, bring the reader to examine the cracks of our inner and outer worlds. With precision and imagery, the poet finds the waiting spaces inside each of us.

Images From My Soul
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My book of poetry Images from my Soul is the lifetime accumulation of my deepest feelings and is broken down into chapters, as is life. The chapters begin with Images of Life, Images of Mankind, Images of Love, Images of Nature, Images of the Sea, and Images of Family are the sections that illuminate the heart with wisdom and beauty.

These poems spill out from the imagination of a woman who travels through love, marriage, loss, and the decades that lead to aging. Through some of these travels she is accompanied by Chloe, a golden retriever mix. The author muses about her mother and stepfather, her deceased father, old boyfriends, and loneliness. The ease at which our lives could be overtaken by war becomes a reality, and romance, when love seems lost forever, could be just around the corner.