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Quint Cord latest assignment was proving to be his most challenging and could well lead to catastrophic events if he does not break the code in time to avert them. Quint flees the country only to stay one step ahead of his determined foe. Clue by clue, Quint begins to zero in on his target but can he stop him in time?

Set in Savannah, Ga., Addictive™ follows 28-year-old Emma Weiss, PhD and her move to the historic city where she meets handsome Jake Stanton and blinding falls in love. Emma is convinced that Jake is her soul mate until she discovers he has been a struggling addict and becomes caught up in his life of deceit, alcohol, drugs, and the law. Does beautiful, brilliant Emma find the strength to cope with Jake's addictions and overcome her addiction to him?

Shortly before the Covid 19 pandemic started, a Harvard professor was arrested for selling U. S. Government secrets to two Chinese agents for $50,000 per month. One of the Chinese agents was a lieutenant in the Chinese army assigned to a research lab at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, the same city in which the pandemic started. Did nobody but me not see this “coincidence”? Allegedly, the virus began in a local wet market (an open air market where the customer selects the item he/she wants) and the market proprietor slaughters the live animal, dresses it and delivers it to the customer while he/she waits. How hard would it be for the Chinese government to shift the blame to a local vendor after they allowed a virus to escape from their not-so-secret hidden lab beneath the chemistry department at the local university? CIA agent Bobby