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Earl Snort

This is the story of a young man becoming a lawman in the 1960's, an era which has long been forgotten except for those who lived it. It was 1969. Barlow Adams, age 20, was a recently discharged veteran. He was driving late at night on a lonely stretch of highway in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. He stopped to render assistance to a motorist with a flat tire. What he stepped into was a vicious attempted rape. He rescued the victim, which catapulted him into an appointment as a deputy sheriff. Along the way he encounters an enchanting woman who will change his life forever. In addition, he will be confronted by a gang who is obsessed with killing him. Will they succeed?

Richard Baran

A twelve year old boy finds a magical Apache arrowhead while hiking with his grandfather in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The arrowhead transports the boy from a Disney World rollercoaster ride back over one hundred and fifty years to the Superstitions where he meets “The Lost Dutchman.”

Donald Brewer

This book is unusual, since it deals with the counterfeiting of gold coins and gold bars around the 1900s. Most Americans, outside of coin collectors, don't realize that gold coins were once a common form of currency in our country. In the book are photos of a counterfeit gold coin detector, patented in 1857, that depicts spaces for 1 dollar, 2.5 dollar, 3 dollar, 5 dollar, 10 and 20 dollar gold coins. The book is set in 1900, Cripple Creek, Colorado, a gold "boom town." It details a Secret Service Investigation of a counterfeit gold coin and bar operation.

Earl Snort

The year is 1970. Barlow Adams is a young deputy sheriff in a rural county in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. He’s a rookie still learning the ropes. Up until now, his experience has been limited to working in the jail and performing routine patrol work that is anything but routine when bad men decide to exert themselves in furtherance of their wicked ways. In recent months, a gang of rustlers had begun to prey on the livestock of unwitting ranchers. The sheriff has decided to stop them cold wherever he finds them. He employs all the limited resources at his disposal to achieve this goal. One of those resources is Deputy Adams, who learns new law enforcement skills in teamwork, criminal investigation, surveillance, and undercover operations. Barlow also learns something else. The crime may be solved and plans may be hatched to catch the evildoers, but, in the end,