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Rem Westland

At one level, Nobody Cares is the story of Jessica Winslow, native of a small province in Canada. At a fraternity party in Florida, she and a dozen other young women are rendered helpless by drugs and assaulted. The audacity of the assailants is ominous. They are entitled young men, poised for stellar careers. Two decades later, they count among the shrinking percentage of wealth-holders in the world’s economy. Taking advantage has become their way of life. Jessica has found peace of mind on the faculty of a boutique law school in the town of St. Andrews, in the southwest corner of New Brunswick. Her peace is shattered when an American equity investor is invited by her provincial government to take over the school. She stands to lose everything she has gained…to the same people who destroyed her once before.

Whom Shall I Fear
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Nancy Powell

Anna and Bart have been best friends since childhood. Bart is in love with Anna, but she wants to graduate college before surrendering to love. After Anna’s parents die, Jaeger, involved with a drug and human trafficking cartel, forces Anna into an illegal marriage and holds her captive. He plans to sell her in South America and take her inheritance after she disappears. Anna escapes, enrolls in college, and finds a job as a live-in nanny for Carol Dugan. Charles and Mary Dugan, Carol’s parents, are compassionate Christians who accept Anna as a family member. They support and try to protect her, even after they learn that Jaeger is part of a human trafficking cartel and he and his friends want to kill Anna.

David Swarbrick

This story that I’ve titled, “A New Beginning” was inspired and loosely based on some of my own personnel experiences. It’s about a man named Mark Morgan. He’s young, smart, handsome, and also very wealthy. His writing career is beginning to blossom, and it’s starting to take him to the places in life that he had always wanted to go. His ravishing wife Kara is pregnant, and going to eventually give birth to the little girl Mark had always wanted; everything is going great for him. But as life always is with most everyone, when things are going good, an unexpected tragedy takes place and disrupts Mark’s happiness. It happens to him not once, but twice. He becomes mentally ill, severely heartbroken from the tragic events, and seeks professional help from a well-known and locally renowned psychologist named Susan Downs. Mark eventually becomes really close to her and falls in

Sigrid MacDonald

Has 39-year-old, pregnant Lisa Campana gone on a drinking binge or has she disappeared because she was injured by her partner, Ryan Whitman? In conjunction with the police, a gorgeous 24-year-old who works at the grocery store, and her hilarious women's group, Lisa' best friend, Tara Richards, puts her midlife crisis on hold while she launches a search to find her precious friend. Take a roller coaster ride with Tara as she goes from the pool halls in Ontario to the foothills of Québec to open speaker AA meetings looking for her friend and her own lost self.

The Purloined Dagger
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Roberta Shepherd

A treasured family dagger disappears from a locked office. Can a young widow and a battle-hardened sheriff overcome their differences and solve the mystery? Sir William intends to use his heirloom dagger in a ceremony to handfast his daughter Avrill to Cedric, the son of a friend from the past. His dagger disappears from a locked office, so Sheriff James is called to solve the mystery. William’s sister Ellene joins the search. As they investigate, family secrets are exposed, and one mishap after another threatens the welfare of both families. This is a locked-room mystery occurring against the background of political and religious strife during the reign of Elizabeth I. The story provides twists and turns and a surprise ending.

Michael Tabman

Becoming a cop changes everything you thought you knew about life. Midnight Sin is an inside look at the dark and mysterious world behind the cop’s badge. Rookie cop Gary Hollings quickly learns that wrestling street thugs and arresting drug dealers while trying to track down a serial rapist is nowhere near as tough as watching his back from his fellow cops. He must also fight his inner demons – ones that he never knew he had until he put on that police uniform. The police world is one of long hours and split-second decisions. The choices are not always clear. Midnight Sin is a gritty cop novel that explores the complexities of the cop psyche.