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Author Ann K. Gebuhr is a composer, music theorist, author and teacher. Her orchestral music has been performed by symphonies throughout the United States and in Germany and Romania. She is a MacDowell Colony Fellow, a Rockefeller Scholar in Residence in Bellagio, and the first woman to be awarded the Creative Artist Award in Composition by the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County in 1998 and again in 2009. She holds the BM in Piano Performance and MM and Ph.D in Music Theory with piano and composition minors from Indiana University. Currently she teaches, learns, writes and lives in Houston, Texas.

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Hildegard! is the recounting of over twenty years experiencing Hildegard von Bingen and her multi-gifted works in music, medicine, art, poetry, theology, and spirituality. St. Hildegard (so named on 10 May 2012!) was an incredibly gifted 12th Century German Benedictine Abbess whose works speak loudly and wonderfully to us today. Her music alone is enough to place her in history, and her work in other areas is equally amazing. She will become a ‘Doctor of the Church’ in Rome in October 2012.
Numerous contemporary writers place her in the rather restrictive category of ‘feminist’. One of the purposes of this book is to allow her to live for us today without that narrow attribution, and to experience her as a human being who lived life in the love of God and who served as a prophetess and teacher and healer and singer and writer in response to her understanding of God’s will.

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The Hubble image of the ‘Mystic Mountain’, the Carina Nebula, taken
February 2010.

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To Hildegard, who continues to
awaken, inspire, and touch our souls today.

To four friends who have shared Hildegard's music, message, medicine and vibrant, joyous energy of vision, health and love for all creation –
Rochelle Manske, Teresa Grawunder, Katrin DeBakey, and Carol Nave.

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Hildegard von Bingen 12th Century chant Hufnagelschrift Bingen, Germany Eibingen Disibodenberg Scivias

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A 21st Century delighted embracing of the musical, mystical, theological, medicinal, and artistic gifts of a 12th Century Benedictine Abbess, newly named a Saint and a Doctor of the church.

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