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Go Back Jack
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Maureen Kirby

“Go Back Jack” is a story about a young woman’s search for her previous life as a black American blues musician who lived during the Great Depression and died tragically before realizing his musical dreams. After a series of psychic illuminations, she travels to the U.S.A. seeking evidence of this past life, only to encounter the same temptations and circumstances that led to her tragic death in that previous lifetime. In a struggle at a soul level, caught between good and evil, and a coming to terms with her own conscience, she finally realizes that only by overcoming repeated temptations, that have followed her from beyond the grave, will she be able to resolve her karma in order to move on with her own life. Will she overcome the temptations that led to her premature death in that previous lifetime or suffer the same fate once more?

Truth, Lies and Fried Chicken
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Kathleen Bateman

Annie Brown RN, still working at Trenton James General Hospital in Houston, faces the problem of sexual harassment. Though Annie’s experience occurred before the #metoo times we live in now, it echoes the same challenges; who can she tell, who will believe, and can her job be saved? Even Chris, her friend and partner in Day Surgery, a follower of the rules, is reluctant to speak out. The hospital administration, Risk Management attorneys, and a powerful physician seem to tip the scales of justice against Annie. Interspersed in the midst of crisis are the patients that cross Annie’s path, unknowingly teaching and giving perspective to her life. Then Annie finds a friend in the unlikeliest of places. Truth is, though sometimes a tiny voice, a potent antidote to power and lies. But is it enough?

Emerson's Home
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Wendy Fiore

Emerson LaMonica, after suffering a series of tragedies: death of her father at a young age, a rape after moving to NYC, and ultimately the death of her beloved grandfather, returns to her home town to try to recapture the essence of who she was; who she was meant to be. She runs into Edward Hadley, one of her best friends growing up. He rescues her, helping her see what she needs in her life — friends, family, and love.

I Don't Live There Anymore
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Rhonda Williams

Its complicated! The Mob - Stolen cars - Military - Cops - Stabbings – Medical - Prison - Federal – Legal - FBI – Crimes – you will see. A powerful true story of one child's escape from the horrors of abuse into the sanctity of her own mind ... her only means of survival. Living with alcoholism, and every form of abuse imaginable, she and her siblings struggle to grow up in a society that simply look the other way. The endless years of torture the family suffers bring out the real courage, determination, and strength in one child, while the other siblings seem to crumble along the way. Facing the monsters both inside and out becomes as difficult as her eventual emergence into reality. She handles it the best way she knows how; she will stop her abuser, once and for all, for all of their sakes. Someone

I Love the Flower Girl
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Christopher Scott M Beaten

A man stares into a star filled night sky reflecting on what is and what there is too know. How far does the star-field go, and what is at its opposite side if one exists? Heaven rises there, so it is said. What becomes of the physical when it can no longer be seen? Time pushes on, never stopping, forever charting its course and taking all encompassed within it along for the ride. He thinks about his friend. Tyler, a beautiful girl in looks and spirit. There was no past without her as she had always been there, living next door, a mere nine months younger than he. Everyday seems like the last and a premonition of the next. Normalcy can be placating until tragedy strikes and then all is altered. Time knows not where it goes for it too is guided by a power that is, that created it