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Maureen Kellar-Kirby is a semi-professional psychic/astrologer, Early Childhood Education teacher, musician, writer, wife, mother and grandmother, who presently lives in Calgary, Alberta. Following a childhood love of music, she took piano lessons while a child, from the Ontario Royal Conservatory but eventually quit formal lessons in order to follow her heart, "play by ear", and compose her own songs. In 1972, at the tail end of the "hippie craze" of the 1960's she experienced an inner psychic illumination.
The truth of her previous lifetime as an American black blues musician, was revealed to her, along with many of the songs that he had written and performed in that lifetime which she was able to record onto a demo. Out of curiosity and a feeling of destiny, at the young age of 20, she elected to travel to the U.S.A., search for evidence and retrace the steps of that last lifetime.
This book is a memoir of that period of time, leading up to the present. In 1984 she married and moved to Calgary, Alberta to raise her son Daniel, who shared her talent in music. Here she once more had the opportunity to follow the path of a working musician by playing keyboards in local bands and sitting in and learning from other musicians. Her love for the psychic world continued with her involvement with practising and teaching astrology and working on psychic telephone lines.

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